The agency is owned and operated by Saun L. Beach.  Saun is a resident of Gilbert, Arizona.  She has been a resident of Arizona since 1982. She has one son who played football, basketball and ran track at Highland High School in Gilbert, Arizona.  Currently, he is attending and playing football under scholarship at Northern Arizona University.  Saun is a family oriented individual and has 27 nieces and nephews.  She has been active in the childcare business for over seven years and has numerous families in the Valley that she provides regular childcare services to.  

Growing up in Ohio, Saun started babysitting for friends at the age of 11.  At age 22, she became a mother to a beautiful son, Raphael.  While continuing her career as a mother, she also “volunteered” the remainder of her time to working 40+ hours a week at companies such as Arthur Andersen, Pepsi-Cola and Varsity Gold where she accumulated over 22 years of administrative background. 

In 2000, Saun joined a babysitting service in the Scottsdale area and provided child care to approximately 15 families with children that ranged in age from infant to school-aged.  Eventually, she became a partner in the service.  In 2004, based upon her own values and morals as it relates to the care and safety of children, she left to start a service on her own.  A Childs Garden was born in 2004!    

There is nothing that can replace our peace-of-mind when it comes to putting the lives of children in others hands”, says Saun.  “As a doting and loving mother, I understand the concerns of parents when it comes to trusting others, especially strangers, with the care and safety of our children”.  “My goal is to help families find excellent and trustworthy providers to care for their families”.  “I hope by using my agency and it’s providers, that all parents and children will have an experience that is beyond their expectations”. 

A Childs Garden emphasizes to it’s sitting/nanny staff the importance of respecting our clients values when it comes to raising their children.  More importantly, we want your children to know, and feel, that someone other than their parents will love, respect and care for them as they should be.  

“At the end of the day, there is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than watching our children sleep peaceful, feeling safe, loved and cared for by everything and everyone that touches their life each day”.


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